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The Buffalo Wizards are a group of Youtubers who make videos with a focus on entertainment. We are all passionate gamers who strive only to make people laugh and make entertaining content.

Check out our subreddit to join in video discussions and see all the great content our community creates.

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LOM - The Deadbones Cardshop

The Deadbones Cardshop will allow players to collect and transform into the cards they get from packs. The first set contains 26 cards drawn by 16 artists of the community that we reached out to earlier this year. Packs contain 3 cards each as well as an assortment of other consumable items. Packs will cost 500 gold or 5 SS Stones, with those prices tripling when future sets come out. Cards will at some point go "out of print", but not for a long time. With the new trading systems in place, these will be the first items we expect to have any real value amongst players who collect them or want more tools to roleplay with.

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    Buffalo Wizard Projects

    The Buffalo Wizards run two different Minecraft servers, each with a unique identity that has evolved over their lifespans.

    Lords of Minecraft is a roleplay oriented server centered on the interactions of the Lords (Buffalo Wizards) and you, the fans. If you’re interested in hanging out in a medieval Camelot setting, making new friends, and perhaps even meeting some of the Buffalo Wizards, then head on over to Lords of Minecraft!

    Dwarves vs Zombies is a pvp based castle defense game, where dwarves work together to fix the broken walls of their fort, only to eventually succumb to the never-ending onslaught of the undead. While everybody begins as a dwarf, each one that perishes rises again as a member of the undead. The dwarves must hold out as long as possible, aided by a few capable heroes, and protect their shrine to the last.

    If you’re interested in supporting the Buffalo Wizards, you can purchase items such as reserved slots in DvZ or hats in LoM.